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Fiesta 2015 Cat Medal

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Tar-Zhay, an orange tabby named for the large target-like patterns on his coat, was a male tom cat who roamed a wide territory in lower King William. He was neutered and received medical care for a severe case of mange via The Cannoli Fund's spay/neuter reimbursement and Cannolicare programs.

Tar-Zhay now spends his time napping in his favorite box or chair, eating all he can, and enjoying the company of the other fixed cats in his community cat colony.

Medals are made of metal and enamel, hang from a grosgrain ribbon, and have a pin back. The reverse of each medal features The Cannoli Fund's "Big C" logo and our web address, thecannolifund.org.

All proceeds from medal sales benefit The Cannoli Fund’s numerous programs for cats and dogs living in the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods. The Cannoli Fund (tax ID 45-2476260) is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.